Growing medicine in Colombia


a beautiful display of delicious greens.

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These are some pictures from a workshop of Timber Framing in France in 2011 with the association Bois de Brin. More information here.

16 year old builds tiny home to guarantee mortgage-free future

This is absolutely amazing! I wish I could shake this guys hand! Great job! There’s a link to the finished tiny home at the end of the video!


The Cob House.

Built for just £150.


Break the Bank: Build Your Local Economy
From babysitting co-ops to community currency, an alternative economy is brimming under the surface of our consumer system. Find out how to help build more local, equitable economic models — and feel good about the ways you spend your money.

By Megan E. Phelps
Photo By John Koivuluouma

Joel Tettamanti

So precious.